Your First Visit

Every smile starts with the initial consultation

Your initial consultation will allow you to meet Dr. Sperber and Dr. Simone and so that we may thoroughly review your needs and goals. We realize that any proposed treatment is of little value unless it addresses your concerns. During your initial consultation:

  • Your medical and dental history will be reviewed, and photographs of your teeth and bite taken
  • A detailed orthodontic examination will be performed
  • Radiographs may be taken if indicated
  • A treatment plan will be recommended if it is felt that treatment can be beneficial. We will discuss treatment timing, types of orthodontic devices, treatment alternatives and finances and we will complete any applicable insurance paperwork.
  • We will, of course, answer any questions that may arise so that you are fully informed.

We feel that our patients must be fully educated about their situation and our proposed treatment. It is only then that they can be capable of making an informed decision about how they wish to proceed. It may also be the case that treatment is not suggested right away for reasons of inadequate tooth development, growth or the need for other dental work prior to starting.

What happens next?

If treatment is suggested, we may gather a series of additional records that can include plaster models or digital scans of the teeth, and radiographs of the teeth and/or jaw bones. We are always prepared to gather these records immediately following your initial consultation, so that treatment may begin at the subsequent visit. In more complex cases, additional consultation may be needed with your general dentist or other specialists to fine tune our plan before we begin.