Cost of Invisalign

The Best Investment You Can Make is in Your Future

We understand that the costs of braces most times discourage people from having their dental anomaly corrected. The fact still remains that braces are a good investment towards a beautiful and confident future.

We at Whitby Orthodontics strongly advise that you do not look at the cost of getting the Invisalign instead you should look at the benefits you stand to gain once you have your dental anomaly corrected.

Factors that Helps in Deciding Cost

The cost of braces depends on the length and style of treatment required. We also factor in the materials used in making the braces, the time required for the orthodontist to fit in the braces and also the time it takes to make adjustments at each scheduled check up.

Invisalign Payment Option

At Whitby Orthodontics, we operate a flexible payment option that makes it easy to pay for treatment and we strongly believe that it wouldn’t be much of a financial burden to you once you see the outcome of the treatment. The payment option available include

  • A courtesy discount applied for treatments paid in full by check or cash
  • A truly flexible payment arrangement to coincide with the needs of your flex plan
  • Payments can also be made with credit cards.


You may also qualify for Invisalign if your insurance plan covers dental plan and orthodontic treatment.  In case you are not sure whether or not your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, get in touch with your insurance provider to find out the extent of coverage available for your treatment.

You can schedule a free consultation to find out whether Invisalign is perfect for you by contacting us today.