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financial information

Financial Information

Treatment fees:

Orthodontic fees are determined at the initial consultation appointment if a patient is deemed ready to begin. The fee is individualized, and is based on the complexity of the orthodontic problem and the types of appliances required to correct them. There are occasionally multiple ways to treat a single problem. Most patients choose to take advantage of an interest-free payment plan to handle the fee.  You will have the opportunity to discuss fees and payment options before treatment begins. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal cheques, VISA, MasterCard, and Interac.


Dental Insurance:

There are many different agreements between insurance carriers and their subscribers, with each contract providing a different benefit. Orthodontic insurance generally differs from regular dental insurance in that each insured individual usually has a lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic services. This benefit is usually paid as a percentage of the orthodontic fee (diagnostic records, initial fee, monthly payments, etc.) until the benefit maximum has been reached.


For your convenience, we will gladly assist you in submitting predetermination forms pertaining to charges for care rendered in our office. However, please note that our primary financial relationship is with our patients or their families and not with their respective insurance companies. Final responsibility for collection of benefits from your insurance company rests with the insured party. Our professional services are rendered and charged directly to the patient or their family and they are responsible for payment of all fees incurred.

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